SentroTech's Vacuum Furnaces

At SentroTech we understand the importance of having quality technology-especially when dealing with the intricacies of high temperature vacuum furnaces. Our lab furnaces will add quality to your high temperature heating process. Our lab furnaces prevent the oxidation so common when heating metals to high temperatures by utilizing a pump and digital gas flow controller. We assure not only quality, high performing, and long lasting lab ovens, but we also provide an assortment of different laboratory vacuum ovens and accessories for multiple functions. Our laboratory vacuum ovens are designed with diversity in mind as they perform a variety of heat treatment processes. Choosing our products provides you with the diversity you want and the quality longevity you deserve.

The superior functionality of SentroTech's lab furnaces

In general, heating metals usually causes oxidation. Our lab furnaces prevent this problem by removing oxygen and adding an inert gas such in order to quickly cool the metal back to its desired temperature. Our lab oven products combine a high vacuum pump with a digital programmable gas flow controller, allowing optimum atmosphere control. Because of such a high level of control with SentroTech's lab ovens, gas can be accurately pressurized and circulated through the furnace in order to reach a specific end result.

The versatility of SentroTech's laboratory vacuum oven

SentroTech's products are made with diversity in mind. Laboratory vacuum ovens perform a variety of heat treatment processes and SentroTech's laboratory vacuum oven can and will match that versatility. Whether customers are searching for products for strengthening steel, brazing, or case hardening, SentroTech's diverse selection of laboratory vacuum ovens will complement our customer's unique application.

Highlighting SentroTech's Adaptability

High Temperature Vacuum Furnace for Inert Gas and Vacuum Application

  • Dual Position Vertical and Horizontal Tube Furnace
  • 5 Temperature Grades to choose from (1700C, 1650C, 1600C, 1500C, 1200C)
  • 5 Standard High Alumina tube sizes to choose from
  • 5 Standard heating zone lengths to choose from
  • Quarts or stainless steel tubes available

Versatile Vacuum, Air and Inert Gas All-In-One Furnace

  • Makes multi-atmosphere process in one cycle possible
  • Accurate air/inert gas flow rate control, accurate temperature control, temperature uniformity, long lasting performance
  • Ideal for laboratories and small scale production

Vacuum Furnace Accessories

At SentroTech, our high temperature vacuum furnace accessories are never considered afterthoughts. Made with abrasion- and corrosion-resistant materials, SentroTech's accessories without a doubt add value to all of our high temperature vacuum furnaces by supplementing their longevity.

1200C Tube Furnace
Dual Position Vertical & Horizontal Tube Furnace
Large tube furnace with dual vertical and horizontal positions
1500C three heating zones split tube furnace
Versatile Vacuum, Air & Inert Gas All-In-One Furnace
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